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Ankle Brace in Australia

Australian Healthcare Supplies (AHS) has a wide range of ankle splints and arch support inserts to assist you a cure and avoiding ankle problems.

Best quality ankle braces and ankle supports in Australia

Ankle braces began to appear more frequently on sports circuits and playgrounds mostly in the early nineties, owing to better models and being less expensive than keeping a player's ankle strap. Ankle braces nowadays are manufactured in a variety of forms, including sport-specific models, with the purpose of giving extra support after an accident or preventing ankle strain from happening in the initial position.

Ankle braces can help with common foot and ankle problems.

When it comes to ankle problems, there are several reasons and these can be around 15 reasons to have ankle problems. Some of them are most common, such as sprained anklesplantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, osteoarthritis, bunions, etc. 

Now, ankle braces, ankle supports, arch support insole, bunion corrector, ankle protectors, ankle guards, and our other ankle support products will help you to prevent and cure these kinds of ankle problems. Visit our ankle support products collection.

Orthotics and arch supports are regularly recommended by physiotherapists, podiatrists, and orthotics for the relief of foot pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain, and back pain. Often, a biomechanical mal-alignment or lack of stability from the foot region can cause abnormal loads on the tissues of the foot, and heel, shin, knee, or back pain can develop as a result.

Correcting these problems using orthotics and arch supports is an important part of injury treatment.

Bunions can be treated with splints, painkillers, and orthotics before looking at surgery. If you are in the position of suffering from Bunions there are a number of items that can help and we would advise you have a look at the collection of foot and ankle supports as we have such a wide range of supports and splints to support and relieve pressure. If you are unsure which would be the most helpful we would always advise that you get a medical opinion.

Looking for the best ankle support products in Australia and New Zealand?

Why is Tynor has the best ankle support products? Because Tynor produces products in its own State of the art manufacturing facility. The company focuses on systematic manufacturing, 3-D computer designing, high operational facilities, and building a team of committed professionals. They are research-driven and Tynor products are in alignment with global trends. with proper care and premium materials. The materials are breathable, durable, and suitable for the level of ages. We have products for kids and they will definitely love them as we designed them with some of their favorite characters. 

Also, we always think about customer satisfaction. We always try to maintain our quality to ensure that none of our clients can give a complaint.

Besides these we have arm and elbow supportswrist and forearm productschild support productsfracture aidssupport belts for hernia and groinknee and thigh support productslumber support productsneck bracesshoulder supportstraction kitsbody belts, and walking aids. Choose your required product from our huge list of collections.

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Foot and Ankle Supports Products

When should I use the ankle supports and braces?

Coaches, general medical physicians, orthopedic professionals, and podiatrists frequently advise individuals to use ankle braces to provide joint stability and to avoid additional harm once an ankle accident happens. Bracing also prevents the formation of scar damage and arthritis, as well as reduces immediate and long-term pain.

How will I choose the right ankle support for myself?

There are various sorts, many of which may be adjusted to meet your requirements. The basic cotton sleeve has become the most popular type of ankle brace. The sleeve, which is available overall, offers compression as well as ankle stability. You can learn more from this product guide.

What is your products’ warranty policy?

Tynor has 6 Months Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. All goods returned as faulty will be inspected for a manufacturing defect. If deemed faulty, a full refund or exchange will be given as per Australian consumer law. We will fully refund the cost of the product provided you have proof of purchase.

How to clean the ankle brace products?

Many of the ankle supports may be hand-washed with mild detergent and water below 30°C without wringing. 

Let the support dry in shade or under sunlight to refresh. For sports braces that receive a lot of usages, you may also gently spray or wash them with antiseptic and then let those dry completely. Follow the product care instructions on the product manual included with the products.




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PF Night
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F.Drop Splint
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Air Ankle
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Mild Arthritis Of The Ankle Joint               
Hemiplegia Of The Foot                   
Achilles Tendinitis         
Charcot-Marie-tooth Disease               
Foot Drop                 
Stabilized Ankle Fractures               
Stabilized Forefoot Fractures                       
Ankle Plantar Flexion Contracture                   
Malleolar Fractures                   
Post-operative / Post-cast Care   
Ankle Sprain And Strain