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Knee Supports

Tynor AHS (Australian Healthcare Supplies) is your source for the best knee braces available in Australia. View the selection of knee straps, knee supports, and knee guards we provide. Whatever your requirements are for a knee brace, we do have a broad selection. We have generations of expertise in developing customised goods for your body and way of life.

This in-depth product catalogue features specialized materials and intelligent designs for targeted support, comfort, and reinforcement where it is needed most.

Common Knee Problems:

Runner’s Knee:

The knee cap scrapes abnormally against the groove in your femur (the thigh bone), resulting in pain when you exercise, walk, or run. This injury is known as the runner's knee. Even those who sit all day at work are affected by it, not only runners, hikers, bikers, and physically active individuals!

Meniscus Tears:

When the meniscus in the knee is ripped, a meniscus tear knee injury happens. It makes bending challenging and brings on discomfort and edema. Meniscus tears that are left untreated eventually get bigger and cause consequences like arthritis. People who participate in sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, or soccer frequently have this ailment.

MCL & LCL injury:

MCL and LCL sprains are injuries to one or more of the knee ligaments that cause discomfort, edema, and instability. Sports involving collisions between players, such as skiing, hockey, basketball, and soccer, can result in an MCL injury. When their legs twist outward in quick action on the mat, wrestlers are more likely to get an LCL injury.

Articular Cartilage Damage:

Knee cartilage injuries result in excruciating joint pain, stiffness, edema, and a significant decrease in mobility. This may be the consequence of a number of factors, including past knee injuries, wear and strain over time, injuries from falls, or catastrophic sports accidents.

Shop our wide selection of knee braces to help you with osteoarthritis, support your patella, protect your ACL or ligaments, and provide stability. Return to your daily activities, play sports, recover from injury or surgery, and reduce pain.

How a knee brace can help with knee problems?

The two main purposes of a knee brace are to support the knee following an injury and to shield it from additional harm. To stabilize the leg and aid in your recovery, it may be effective to restrict the knee joint's range of motion. Additionally, it can lessen knee injury-related discomfort and edema. Knee braces come in a variety of styles and support levels.

Another method for controlling osteoarthritis-related pain and discomfort is the use of knee braces. Weight may be moved away from the injured area of the knee with an unloader brace, which will ease discomfort and improve mobility.

There are several types of knee braces available.

The sort of knee injury you have and the level of support you need will determine the style of knee brace you select. There are several kinds, such as:

Neoprene supports lend themselves to the shape of the wearer with Velcro straps systems for a customized fit. The next stages of braces and supports have advanced fabric such as Tynor's Knee compression support which wicks away moisture to control the temperature inside the brace, making this style of brace extremely comfortable to wear.

 Besides these we have ankle support productsarm and elbow supportswrist and forearm productschild support productsfracture aidssupport belts for hernia and groin, lumber support productsneck bracesshoulder supportstraction kitsbody belts, and walking aids. Choose your required product from our huge list of collections.

Knee Cap
Patellar Ring
Elastic Knee
Knee Support
Immobilizer 14"

R.O.M. Knee Brace


Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene)


Compression And Warmth            √ 
Management In Arthritis          
Patellofemoral Syndrome            
Patellar Chondromalacia,Aging            
Patellar Subluxation Or Dislocation            
Tendon Or Ligament Injury        
Knee Immobilization Following Injury            
Early Cast Removal            
Post-Op Treatment and Rehabilitation        
Motion Control Problems Of The Knee          √ 
Extrication And Ambulation              
Controlled Range Of Motion              
Preventive Care In Sports Activities      √