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Mask Fabric Washable (3 Pack)

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Code: H25
Sizes Available: UNI, SPL

Tynor Mask Fabric Washable comes with a number of amazing features which consists of Designer looks, Reusable, Washable (which ensures high hygiene), Supreme Breathing Comfort, Good Filtration, Anatomic Facial Fit (for complete sealing), Extra Soft Ear Loop Elastic (for comfortable daily use), Skin Friendly Cotton Layer.

      • Breathable Materials
      • Dermophillic
      • Durable
      • Thickness: 3 Ply
      • Reusable
Intended Use
  • Tynor Mask Fabric Washable is a user-friendly, hygienic protective mask with 3 layers of filtering fabric. Designed for superior breathing comfort with low resistance to inhalation and exhalation.
  • The entire mask is a respirator with good filtering property. High hygiene, possibility of reuse with washing is the hallmark of this product.
  • Reusable and washable, ensure high hygiene
  • Supreme breathing comfort
  • Good filtration
  • Designer looks
  • Anatomic facial fit
  • Extra soft ear elastic
  • Skin-friendly cotton layer
  • Meant for general use

The anatomic designs ensure nose, mouth, and chin are fully covered with sufficient breathing space.

All three layers are optimally selected to maximize filtering efficiency and ease of breathing.

  • The first layer fluid-resistant imparts durability and designer looks.
  • Second layer made of polyester for superior filtration and high airflow.
  • The third layer made out of cotton is soft, skin-friendly, and interfaces with the face.
Caution/ Recommendations
  • Not meant for medic or paramedic use.
  • Do not use this product, if damaged.
  • Do not alter, abuse, or misuse this product. Misuse or improper use may result in sickness.
  • Do not use in atmospheres where oxygen levels are low.
  • Individuals with a compromised respiratory system, such as asthma, etc. should consult a physician.
  • Failure to wear this product during all times of exposure can reduce its effectiveness and desired results.
  • Always be aware the harmful particles are too small to be seen.
  • Product storage should be done in contaminants free environment.
  • Washing water temperature: 60°c.
  • Do not iron, dry-clean, or bleach.
  • This product is meant for general use to prevent infections and pollutants.
  • Wash frequently.
  • Read all the instructions before using the product.
  • Designs & colours may vary from the actual image

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