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Body Belts & Braces

A back support or back brace can be extremely effective at improving back posture as part of the treatment and management of lower back pain. One of the key aims of physiotherapy treatment for backache is to improve posture. Painful back conditions such as Sciatica, slipped disc, sacroiliac joint pain, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease can all benefit from wearing a back support.

Back rehabilitation is achieved through specific low back pain exercises known as core stability exercises. These exercises improve spinal stability and posture. A back support or back brace helps to prevent slouching and bad posture. Good posture relies upon a forward curve in the lower back, which is known as lordosis. If the lordosis is maintained during sitting and activities then the upper part of the spine will be in the best position to deal with the loads that are placed on the back.

Our Lumbo Lace pull Brace is an advanced brace designed with the semi-rigid posterior back panel and multiple pulleys are driven pull mechanism to emphasize controlled and independent pressuring effects, to stabilize lower back pain. It ergonomically braces the waist, requires lesser force for old-aged users to achieve high compression and immobilization. Recommended specifically for postoperative stabilization and multi-level decompression.

Lumbo Back Support is designed for flexibility and convenience to the patient. It supports and immobilizes the lumbosacral region and corrects the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. It has flexible contoured splints to enhance comfort on one hand and the correctness of the posture on the other.

Besides these we have ankle support productsarm and elbow supportswrist and forearm productschild support productsfracture aidssupport belts for hernia and groinknee and thigh support productslumber support productsneck bracesshoulder supportstraction kits, and walking aids. Choose your required product from our huge list of collections.

Back supports and braces are made of neoprene and other breathable fabrics for extra comfort. Neoprene material provides warmth and support that can help to relieve pain, reduce back muscle spasms and enhance healing. Back supports and braces feature plastic or metal reinforcing side stays which are particularly effective in back pain prevention for people who need support during heavy lifting and handling. Back pain, especially sacroiliac joint dysfunction can occur during pregnancy due to ligamentous laxity as the pelvis enlarges. Back support is impractical during pregnancy so a pregnancy belt or trochanteric belt is more appropriate to provide sacroiliac support during pregnancy.

A superb value range of back supports and braces to improve posture and aid physiotherapy treatment of common causes of low back pain such as Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Facet Syndrome, Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction, Slipped Disc, Spinal Stenosis  Here you will find our full range of back supports and back braces, all designed to provide superb support to the back and lumbar region. 


DISEASE Lumbo Support Uni
LS Belt
A 04
A 05
A 07
A 30
A 29
Short / Long
Ash Brace
(Hyper Extension Brace)
Lumbar Spondylitis     
Lumbago, Postural Fatigue     
Sciatica Pain       
Post-operative Care Of The Spine       
Osteoporosis Pain, Degenerative Changes Of The Spine        
Stabilized Vertebral Fracture And Injuries         
Extrication And Transportation         
Decompression Of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVD)         
IVD  Syndrome, Post Discketomy Care           
Thoraco-lumbar Injuries/tuberculosis Of Spine             
Postural Deformities Of The Spine [Lordosis/ Kyphosis]