Knee Cap (With Rigid Hinge)

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Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) is a simplified but effective design which offers the advantage of compression around the knee and the support of a side splint. It allows normal flexion of the knee.

  • Anti tourniquet strapping
  • Double-layered fabric
  • Free flexion movement
  • Four-way stretchability

Ideal for: 

    • Mild to moderate instability of knee joint and support to the weak knee
    • Early stages of Osteoarthritis
    • Control painful knee movement in arthritis
    • Mild meniscus injuries
    • Mild ligament injury [medial or lateral]
    • Mild to moderate ACL and PCL tears
    • Psychological assurance in Geriatric care
    • Helps in post-surgical care as well
    • Post Partial meniscectomy or cartilage smoothing
    • Prophylaxis in sports activities 
    • Mild strain and sprain
    • Reduces chances of activity and exercise-related injury 
  • Rigid hinges ensure strong side splinting but free flexion movement.
  • Bilayered. Cotton on the inside ensures dermophillic interphase with the skin, good sweat absorption, enhanced comfort, and compliance. Nylon on the outside ensures high durability, excellent aesthetics, and colorfastness.
  • Anti tourniquet strapping system ensures no constriction of blood flow, on one hand, but better grip to the body on the other hand.
  • Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge)is woven on the state of art circular looms to provide double-layered, seamless,
    tapered made out of nylon and cotton yarn. Interspersed rubber thread, allows uniform compression even on uneven diameters of the limb.
  • Strong hinges provide lateral support to the injured tendons/ligaments of the knee while keeping the flexion movement of the knee intact, they mimic the movement of the natural knee joint.

Material: Cotton, Polyamide, Spandex, Rubber

Caution/ Recommendations
  • Use this product under the guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of
    • Impaired sensation 
    • Impaired blood flow 
    • Allergy rash or itching 
    • Pain Increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with any other medical device.
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the box carefully.
  • Keep out of reach of children

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Knee cap with rigid hinge