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Elbow Crutch (Soft Top Handle)

Code: L 13
Sizes Available: Universal

Tynor Elbow Crutch is a very sophisticated walking aid designed to provide full weight bearing when one or both legs are physically challenged because of a nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc. More and more professionals prefer usage of elbow crutch over the conventional Axillary crutch because of greater confidence of the patient, lesser fatigue and trendy appearance.

  • High load bearing
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Additional features & Functionality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ideal for: Partial use and restricted mobility of one leg, inability to bear weight equally, neurological disorders or accidental fracture
  • Spreads the weight between the wrist and the forearm for extended use and comfort, therefore, reducing fatigue in hands compared to using a walking stick
  • The ergonomically shaped gel-padded handle is wide bodied for a comfortable fit with the palm of both hands. It is also non-allergenic and odorless. Good for hands with low padding on palms or constant pain due to arthritis or other musculoskeletal issues
  • Light frame body - move around with added safety indoors and outdoors across the day. Stays secured with forearm strap
  • Easily adjustable to match posture and height (handle height between 75 cm to 99 cm)
  • Black body with Light Blue handle makes the elbow crutch elegant in visual appeal
  • Simple maintenance with just a swipe of a damp cloth 
  • The polymer handle is scientifically designed for ambidextrous use. It is aesthetically extremely pleasing. Soft gel on handle top gives it a cushiony soft feel, enhanced comfort, reduced impact and shock transfer to user?s hand and better grip. It is latex free, non-allergenic, odorless and durable.
  • Adjustable height of the Elbow piece, improves load bearing, provides uniform support to elbow and improved confidence.
  • Flipping Elbow grip and hook loop closures hold the elbow tightly, reduce chance of accident. Hands remain free to work.
  • It is constructed from high strength aluminium alloy tubes, which are strong, durable and have good weight bearing capacity. Anodized for long lasting, superior finish and perfect aesthetics.
  • High performance TPE Pods provides excellent traction, high wear resistance and high resilience.
  • Max/Min adjustable height : 984/745±5 mm
  • Weight bearing capacity : 110 Kg
The Construct
  • Flexible Polymer Forearm Hold: The forearm rests on the specially designed rest. It is flexible to allow free movement of the hand away from the handle when on the move. It also allows for length adjustability as per length of forearm (as measured from the wrist till elbow) from 21 cm to 29 cm. Length can be adjusted by pressing and shifting the soft press pin upward or downward. It fits forearms with a circumference up to 30 cm comfortably.
  • Soft top Handle: The handle is scientifically designed for comfortable use by both hands, with a wide top that ensures a strong grip with uniform load bearing across the palm and fingers. Soft gel on handle top being latex free, non-allergenic, odorless and durable makes for excellent shock absorption and ease of maintenance. The handle is light blue in contrast with the black elbow crutch which makes it elegant and appealing. 
  • Mild Steel & Aluminium Alloy Body: Pairing the strength of the steel with the lightness and resilience of aluminium, the main body is well strengthened yet very light. It is further anodized in black for safety against wear and tear
  • Height Adjustable: Top handle height ranges between 75 cm to 99 cm (check this is the distance of your wrist from the ground when standing straight. For the perfect match, you can add 2-3 cms for forward movement). The height can be adjusted by moving the spring-loaded pin in gradations of 2 cms
  • Non-slip ferrule: Made of high quality TPE, the base is designed for creating a slight suction with concentric grooves on the base. A peculiar part of the design are the extensions on the tip for better gripping. This helps it work well even if the floor is slightly wet or has a naturally low grip quality such as highly polished marble or granite. Can be easily replaced by pulling it off once worn or damaged
Returns and Exchanges
At Tynor Australiayou have 30 days to return your items (some exclusion apply) for a full refund or exchange as long as it is returned in a saleable condition. The refund will be provided using your original payment method.
All refunds are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Products subject to personal hygiene cannot be returned for a refund/exchange so please choose size carefully!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Donna Hill (Sydney, AU)
Game Changer

The Elbow Crutch with a soft top handle has been a game-changer for me. It offers exceptional comfort and support, making it easy to move around while alleviating strain on my wrists and elbows. The soft handle is a real plus, providing a comfortable grip even during extended use. These crutches have been a savior during my recovery, and I highly recommend them for anyone in need of mobility assistance.

Susan Hayes (Melbourne, AU)
Advanced stability stick (ASS)

I have chronic back pain. I also have very poor hearing and as important very poor balance. I have been told I must use a “wheely walker” I am nearly 80.. The WW gives me back ache when bending with my hands on the handle bars. I felt I need something more stable than an a ordinary walking stick, it was not adequate for my particular safety needs. Recently I saw a lady using the Tynor elbow crutch. Her needs she explained to me were similar to mine. I am delighted with my ASS I just feel so much more confident when using it. It also does not look like Hospital / Medical apparatus. My physiotherapy friend adjusted the length. He was impressed with the stick. He took details. Why is it not possible to have a Tynor retail outlet here in Victoria. I realise I will eventually need a WW but my ASS is ideal for my current safety needs. I am very happy with it.

Carron Kerin (Brisbane, AU)
Elbow crutch (soft top handle)

Very sturdy construction. Hubby didn’t really want to stand out with a walking stick.
This walking stick is perfect as it doesn’t stand out. It is a good strong construction that will support his weight

Rachel van Leeuwen (Wollongong, AU)

I purchased two of these to replace the pair I purchased a few years back. Had to replace as the hand santiser that I have to use made the hand grips very sticky. I used weight training gloves til the green grip was completely gone. They are excellent to use all day, especially when walking around the classroom, doing lab work and on the playground with a mobility impairment. They are light weight, and the feet are flexible. The velcro strap is adjustable so it allows me to wear bulky clothing in winter without getting stuck, the straps also allow the crutch to hang freely when writing on the whiteboard, as it is extremely challenging to put the crutch against something without it falling over or getting in the way as you move along the board. Bonus is, the colour blends in well with clothing and is not so noticeable.

Semona Michael (Brisbane, AU)
Tynor’s elbow crutch

I bought one to help assist me as I have right side temporary paralysis and weakness, dizziness and double vision, it’s extremely sturdy and has a very comfortable handgrip, love that I can adjust it to suit my height, only downside for me is storing it as it dsnt fold smaller