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Walking Stick Rubber POD TRIO 19 MM

Code: L46
Sizes Available: Pod Trio(19 mm)

Tynor Walking Stick Pod Trio (19mm) is a high-performance walking stick base for confidence and a great walking experience. The three pods of the base provide improved ground-grip for balance and stability, also allowing the convenience of making the cane self-standing. The excellent durability of the product makes it suitable for most ground surfaces with very little maintenance.

  • Anti-slip with excellent traction
  • Flexion at the neck
  • Long functional life
  • Broad base for stability
  • All conditions requiring a walking stick
  • Walking Stick Pod Trio (19mm) is expertly designed to provide a secure grip.

  • The product is capable of matching the natural walking gait with all the pods touching the ground even when the stick is held at an angle giving greater confidence and security to the user.

  • Rotation of the pod neck in both directions provides stability and support, especially while making a turn, without losing contact with the ground.

  • Reliable and strong
  • The Walking Stick Pod Trio (19mm) is made from a combination of multi-body rigid polymer and semi-rigid elastomer.

  • These components are designed to provide an excellent flex property at the pod neck to allow a natural walking gait.

  • The pod tip material is chosen to provide superior traction and anti-skid properties.

Caution/ Recommendations
    • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects, decreased effectiveness or loss of primary
    • Follow instructions mentioned in the user manual carefully
    • Recommendation:
    • Ensure proper fitment of cane with the product
    • Product care:
    • Wipe with a clean moist lint-free cloth soaked with mild detergent.
    • Do not use solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner, turpentine, or any petroleum product to clean.
    • Replace pod tips when the pattern rubs off and the tip face becomes flat.
How to use

 How to adjust height:

        1. Stand straight with shoulders relaxed and arms hanging loosely at body side.

  • 2. The position of the handgrip should be at the wrist crease.

  • 3. To adjust the height, unlock the locking lever provided, press the spring button, and lengthen or shorten the telescopic tube to achieve proper height.

  • 4. Ensure that the spring button is fully engaged in the adjustment hole.

  • 5. Firmly lock the locking lever back in position before use

  • 6. There should not be any slippage of locking lever

  • 7. Locking lever also has an adjustment nut to achieve perfect lock tightening

  • 8. Your elbow should be slightly bent while holding the stick from its handgrip.

How to use Walking Stick?

Follow the instructions of the doctor for weight-bearing on the affected

  • Hold the stick in opposite the side that needs i.e. If your right is injured, hold the stick in your left hand.
  • Place the stick on the side, in line with the legs and slightly to the sides
  • Now carefully put your weight through your hand onto the stick for support and move the affected leg and the stick forward together
  • To take the step, move the good leg forward to bring it in line with the affected leg
  • Repeat the action
  • Keep your head and posture upright to maintain balance

How to stand using Walking Stick?

1. Bring the stick in either hand preferably on the affected side.

2. Hold the handgrip of the stick.

3. Push off the chair or bed with the free hand and stand.

4. Take a moment and balance yourself.

5. Now you are ready to walk

Note: Your therapist may show you different ways to stand up depending upon your situation.

How to sit using Walking Stick?

1. Move close to the article on which you need to sit.

2. Rotate slowly by holding the stick, back up to the article until you feel it

3. Hold the handgrip with one hand.

4. Use your free hand to reach to the article.

5. Support yourself using freehand and slowly lower yourself landing onto the article. 6.Note: Your therapist may show you different ways to sit depending upon your situation

How to use Walking Stick while going upstairs?

1. Position yourself on the first bottom step.

2. Holding the stick in the hand opposite to the affected leg.

3. Grasp the handrail with your free hand

4. Step up on your good leg first.

5. Then step up on the affected leg, taking weight through the stick.

6. Bring the stick up at last

7. Repeat this action again to continue to go upstairs.

8. On Stairs always use a handrail if available.

How to use Walking Stick while going downstairs?

1. Position yourself close to the edge of the top step.

2. Put your Stick down onto one step down.

3. Step down with injured leg.

4. Take weight through crutches and step down your good leg.

5. Repeat this action again to continue to go downstairs.

6. On Stairs always use a handrail if available.


TOPL is focused on providing quality products. This product is designed and built to standards. This product carries six months warranty against material or manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover product failures due to user overweight, user negligence, or misuse. This warranty does not extend to the Pods, which require periodic replacement.

Sizing & Fit

Replacement Tip/Ferrule to suit 19 mm diameter tube

Contents:Polypropylene, Thermoplastic elastomer, MS & Polyamide.

Product Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
peter stacy (Perth, AU)

Disapointed with product, very little movement at base and does not allow stick to stand up as stated.

Cynthia Press (Toowoomba, AU)
Tynor replacement foot for my walking stick

A few years ago I had a stroke and I now have to use a walking stick all the time. One of the things I was left with was that my right foot is inclined to swing a bit sideways every step I take. My walking stick has 4 feet so it can stand when I have to use both my hands but it also means that every now and then my foot catches on one of the feet and sends me toppling. A friend told me that I could change to feet to a Tynor foot that would still allow the walking stick to stand if I needed to use both hands at a shop etc. This has made such a difference to my life and I am no longer afraid that I will trip. I am just very sorry that I did not know about Tynor before as It would have saved me quite a few injuries from my falls. Thank you so much for making my life easier and safer. Cynthia Press Toowoomba

Kit Ping Chan (Sydney, AU)
Walking stick rubber POD TRIO 19mm

Steady and well structured.