Fracture Aids

'Surgical' and 'non-surgical' are two broad classifications of treatment of bone fractures (break or crack in a bone). Non-surgical treatment refers to immobilization of the affected limb. It is often used as first aid to a person with fracture or a dislocation of a bone. Surgical treatment aims at ensuring the best possible function of the injured limb after healing. Thus Fracture Aids play a major role in the recovery of a patient suffering from a broken, cracked or dislocated bone. Here at, we have a wide range of hospital/medical equipment, Rehabilitation Aids including Fracture Aids such as Immobilizers, Belts, Posture Aids, Crepe Bandages, Cast Shoes and many more. The high-grade raw material is used in the production of our Fracture Aids. Our manufacturing process, using the latest machinery, is based on advanced technology. Testing on international quality parameters, our experienced and dedicated professionals ensure that the highly finished products have a dimensional accuracy, superior design, and long shelf as well as functional life. Our highly comfortable Fracture Aids, in large quantities, are regularly exported to many different countries across the world to the full satisfaction of all concerned.