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Code: A 05
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Lumbo Sacral Belt is designed with flexible back splints, in order to provide comfortable support to the back and to allay low back pain. The belt can be worn during daily routines and as a prophylactic aid.
  • Long life
  • Extra porous
  • Flexi back splinting
  • Skin matching shades
  • Minor spondylolysis, Lumbarspondylitis
  • Early Stage osteochondrosis, spondyloarthritis
  • Intervertebral disc syndrome
  • Chronic low back pain, postural fatigue, postural deformities, and mechanical stresses due to poor posture
  • Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spine comfort during long working hours and travel.
  • The placebo effect keeps the patient spontaneously follow the Do’s and Don’ts of the doctor
  • Postoperative rehabilitation after disc surgery, lumbar fusion, and fracture fixation
  • Stabilization during Vertebral Fracture and injuries
  • Temporary immobilization for accident victims during extrication and transportation.
  • Flexible back splinting on application takes the body shape for excellent Immobilization.
  • Porous elastic webbing improves ventilation and patient comfort.
  • Heat resistant rubber with a high modulus of elasticity improves the life of the belt.
  • The double pull mechanism ensures strong fastening for secure fitting around the waist and better immobilization.
  • A large hook-loop panel allows controlled compression and better-sizing flexibility.
  • Comfortable immobilization provided by this belt makes it an ideal belt for everyday use in mild backache.

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Really helps!!!

Purchased for my husband who was diagnosed with pars defect right after fracturing his spine. We were amazed that the belt actually helped relieve some of his lower back pain and he was able to stand up straight too.


Lumbo Sacral Belt


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