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Bunion Splints for Bunion Treatment

A bunion splint’s action of keeping the toe in alignment is very helpful in slowing down the progression of your hallux valgus.  Your pain will be reduced as a splint straightens your big toe, and gently stretches your muscles and tendons.

The advantage of the hinged bunion splint is that it performs this action while allowing you to wear the splint in a pair of wide shoes or otherwise barefoot inside your house.

The ability to walk around in this splint means that you will wear it a lot more than you would a night splint to be worn only in bed. Even if you choose to wear this hinged splint primarily in bed, you don’t have to worry about removing it if you have to get up for a few minutes during the night.  The convenience offered by the hinge is really far-reaching, with the result that you will naturally wear it more often.

Bunion correction will proceed as the alignment of your big toe is corrected. How long this process will take for you cannot be honestly predicted. However, many people have very quick results from wearing this bunion splint.

This kind of non-surgical treatment makes an enormous difference in reducing foot pain for many people. Don’t hesitate to wear a toe splint if you have serious pain that you cannot manage with bunion guards or other similar products. You may very well be surprised at the relief it gives you, and how fast that happens.

As with any foot care product, you have to try a splint to see how quickly you adjust to wearing it and how effective it is for you.  Yet, you should be encouraged by the number of reviews from people who have had great success, especially with the German-made splint pictured on this page.

Do Bunion Splints Work?

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Bunion Splints for Bunion Treatment

Yes, bunion splints do indeed work, as these before and after x-rays show.

Results vary of course, but the evidence supports claims that a bunion splint is effective at correcting the position of your big toe, which reduces swelling and pain.


Although, of course, every person is different, some users report that their pain was significantly reduced after just one night or day of wearing Bunion Aid bunion splint. This is really remarkable, wouldn’t you say? In fact, after using a splint for a few weeks or even less, there are people who even reconsider the bunion surgery they had thought was inevitable.

Often a podiatrist will suggest you try a bunion splint before you and he makes a final decision about foot surgery. Please keep in mind, however, that only your doctor can give you an expert opinion as to whether or not you still need the bunionectomy operation.

If you are debating about whether to try a hinged bunion splint, consider the minor cost and the effort it will take to try one as compared to the effort to undergo foot surgery.

Although a bunionectomy operation is usually an out-patient procedure lasting about an hour, as with any surgery, risks are involved.  Another major factor that can put trying a bunion splint in perspective is the period of time required for recovery from foot surgery, which can easily last for a few months. And if you are not extremely careful with keeping the swelling down, your recovery period could extend even longer.

In the unfortunate event wearing a high-quality splint does not provide you with the consistent relief you need, bunion surgery is definitely your next option.  Hopefully, you will be among those who have good success with a bunion splint, such as the one discussed in this article.