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OA Neoprene Knee Support For Knock knees (Valgus) & Bowlegs (Varus)

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Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

OA Knee Support(Neoprene) Knock knees (Valgus) & Bowlegs (Varus) is designed scientifically to provide a counterforce to correct varus or valgus thrust along with some offloading action. It helps to allay pain within a few weeks of use. It can also correct mild to medium varus/ valgus deformity of the knee with prolonged use.

OA Unloader Knee Brace offers the advantage of controlled compression around the knee and the rigid side support of a splint. It allows normal flexion and free movement of the knee joint.

  • Perfect lateral splinting.
  • Simple mechanism for counterforce
  • Controlled four-way compression
  • Provides therapeutic warmth
  • Ideal for Knee conditions requiring load reduction
  • Helps in healing of Chondromalacia/Runner's Knee (damage to the cartilage under the kneecap), muscular sprains, and strains of the knee
  • Provides support in chronic laxity(loose joints due to weak or torn ligaments) or instability of the knee joint due to old age/osteoporosis
  • Stabilizes the patellar (kneecap) region in case of patellofemoral disorders (joint of the kneecap & thigh bone)
  • Reduces chances of injury in seniors during normal daily activities. Also aids in preventing repeat of the sports-induced injury
  • OA Knee Support (Neoprene) can be used for Valgus (Knock-Kneed) deformity on the opposite knee
  • Helps support to weak knees
  • Mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Varus /Valgusthrust
  • Chronic laxity or instability conditions
  • Offers support after a sports injury
  • Offers relief from muscular sprains/strains or general knee aches
  • Joint instability and patellar chondromalacia
  • OA Unloader Knee Brace is made from Neoprene bonded nylon fabric, which is four-way stretchable. It provides optimal compression, more comfort, good grip, and better durability. It has appealing aesthetics with good colorfastness. It retains body heat for pain relief and quicker healing. The top layer with unbroken loops offers a versatile closing system for a firm grip and universal sizing.
  • Rigid Biaxial hinge mimics the natural knee joint provides good offloading action and free flexion movement. It supports the cruciate ligament at all flexion angles.
  • Lateral Elasticized band of OA Unloader Knee Brace provides a counterforce to correct Varus or valgus thrust. Corrects mild to medium Varus or valgus deformity on prolonged use. Allay's a pain in osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Wrap around anterior opening design and hook-loop closing system ensures easy wearing and removal. It allows customized compression, enhanced grip and better-sizing flexibility. Good for even swollen or asymmetric knees. Easy for geriatric patients. Anti-tourniquet strapping ensures no construction to blood flow but a better grip of the product to the body. Anatomical shape ensures good grip around the knee but bo bunching on knee bending.
  • Anterior patellar opening with a patellar buttress relieves patellar pressure, holds the patella in position, and provides massaging action for increased blood flow and quicker healing.
  • The body of the OA Unloader Knee Brace is made out of three-layered neoprene foam bonded fabric, with a four-way stretch, the outer layers are made out of strong nylon fabric which ensures a long life, good aesthetics, and colorfastness.
  • The anterior opening design allows easy application, particularly in geriatric patients.
  • The hook loop closures provide controlled compression and close contoured fitting apart from easy application and removal.
  • The strong hinged splints provide lateral stability and support but allow normal
    flexion of the knee joint.
How To Use
  • The OA Unloader Knee Brace is placed with a wider side up at the back of the knee.
  • Match the axis and the flexion movement of the hinge of the splint and the knee. Hook rejoinders on the fabric flap are fastened to a comfortable compression.
  • Hook loop bands are fastened from bottom to top to give added grip.
  • The oblique elasticized straps are then tied so that they
    provide a comfortable counterforce.
Caution/ Recommendations
  • The product should be removed while sleeping.
  • The direction of the counterforce should be understood carefully before application.
  • Use the OA Unloader Knee Brace under the strict guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of 
    • Impaired sensation
    • Impaired blood flow
    • Allergy rash or itching
    • Pain increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use of another medical device.
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the box of the OA knee support carefully.
  • The manufacturer may change item color/packaging to a new design. We will ship the latest product.
  • The OA Unloader Knee Brace should be removed while sleeping.
  • The direction of the counterforce should be understood carefully before application.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cathy Murrell (Sydney, AU)
Great help

I have been struggling with a knee injury for 4 years, trying a number of knee supports, but this has been the most helpful. I even feel that my walk has changed for the better. It is comfortable to wear and my knee feels secure.

Ronald Holt (Sydney, AU)

I purchased this hoping it would work for me and the price was also a winning factor.
When I first applied it, I was impressed with the setup, it was very comfortable.
After walking with it on, it felt very good, I was impressed, it felt Perfect for me.

Dean mills (Perth, AU)
Great support

Best support for my painful knees

brace for valgus knee

The brace gives stability but does little to help my Valgus knee. I will purchase another valgus knee brace from another company and hope it provides more support for the valgus part of my knee problem.

Lee H (Ulverstone, AU)
OA Support

I am waiting for knee revision surgery. The brace is helping my mobility to be less painful, therefore allowing more ease with day to day activities