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Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff

Weight: 500 GM
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Code: H 01 ? H 02 ? H 03
Sizes Available: 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg

The Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff is designed for a complete physiotherapy program. It has a long and double safety hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and secure fitting. It also ensures that the cuff fits snugly and is easy to wear.

A greater range of movement can be achieved during exercise because the weight cuff does not slip or slide off during, even the most strenuous exercise program. Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff can be ideally used for an exercise program for paraplegics and invalids.

These Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuffs help in improving muscle strength, muscle tone, and stamina through load-resisting exercises. It can drastically improve the effectiveness of aerobics.

  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Secure grip
  • Can be used for wrist or Ankle
  • No accidents, no injury
  • Graded, a physiotherapy exercise program for both lower and upper limb
  • Cosmetic arm muscle shaping exercises 
  • Improve the effectiveness of aerobics
  • Muscle tone improvement for paraplegics and Invalids
  • Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff helps to improve your flexibility, range of motion
  • Build stamina for athletes or cyclists etc
  • Helps in weight reduction plans
  • Muscle burns a lot more calories than fat, even at rest. Stronger calf muscles will stimulate your metabolism and assist your losing weight process.
  • The Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff is filled with low friction smooth steel balls for a soft feel, easy wearing, and to make the product accident-free. The high density of steel balls ensures a small volume of the product and convenience of use.
  • Reverse buckle mechanism ensures secure tightening, easy application, and removal of the cuff and flexible sizing. The aerodynamic shape ensures a good grip and better aesthetics.
  • Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff is made from strong spandex fabric for durability, enhanced comfort, and pleasing aesthetics.
  • Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff is made out of three-layered Neoprene foam bonded fabric, with a four-way stretch.
  • The outer layers are made out of strong nylon fabric which ensures a long life, good aesthetics, and color-fastness.
  • Filled with steel pellets and granules.
  • Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff has a long and double safety hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and secure fitting.
Caution/ Recommendations
  • Use Ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff under the guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of impaired sensation, impaired blood flow, Allergy rash, or itching pain increases or persists.
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the box carefully.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Adjust padding and straps for a secure and comfortable fitting.
Returns and Exchanges

The ankle / Wrist Weight Cuff is subject to personal hygiene and cannot be returned for a refund/exchange so please choose your size carefully!

Sizing & Fit

Tynor Ankle Wrist Weight Cuff

Product Manual 

The weight cuff comes as a single weight cuff per box. If you want a pair then you have to order 2 separate ones.


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Wrist cuff - awesome Investment

The 2kg wrist cuffs I purchased is worth every cent! Strongly recommend to others!!