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Dr Ho's MotionCiser

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Dr. Ho's MotionCiser is a passive exercise machine that uses soothing heat, constant movement, and a relaxing vibrating massage to help loosen up muscles and improve circulation naturally. MotionCiser lets you change the speed and heat levels 10 times, so you can make it fit your wants and comfort level. It's safe and easy for people of any age to use, and it comes with a wireless remote that you can control with your finger. The MotionCiser from Dr. Ho is a great way to get the benefits of passive motion training and relax your feet and legs.
  • Passive exercise machine 
  • Combines soothing heat, continuous movement and relaxing vibrating massage 
  • Moves your feet and legs to help improve mobility, strengthen legs and naturally stimulate healthy circulation
  • Walking simulator moves your legs continuously while your knee and ankle joints flex 
  • High speed oscillations provide thousands of deep penetrating vibrations 
  • Soothing heat warms up muscles – helps sore and tight muscles to relax 
  • 10 speed levels and 5 heat settings to choose from 
  • Easy to use – just plug it in, place your feet, select your speed and heat, then sit back and relax
  • Includes wireless remote control – for easy fingertip control. No need to bend over 
  • Ideal for people that spend a lot of time sitting, standing, driving a vehicle, mostly homebound or lead a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Turn sitting and watching TV into an effective and healthy passive exercise 
  • Perfect for adults of any age
  • Easy to read LED display 
  • Developed by Dr. Michael Ho – a leading chiropractor with years of clinical experience 


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