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Can a hernia self heal?

A hernia is an injury that occurs when an organ or soft tissue in your belly bulges out of its natural position. It presses through a weak spot in the muscles or connective tissue around it, leaving a lump in your upper thigh, groin, or belly.

Hernias usually start out small. A lot of people worry that their hernia will heal on its own because they may not even notice any signs.

So, Will My Hernia Heal On Its Own?

No, hernia does not heal on its own. You can have temporary relief by taking some prescribed medications, applying ice, or losing weight to release the pressure from the abdominal area. But, the only way to cure it permanently is by going under the doctor’s knife.

Yes, there are some exceptions too. We have personal testimony from customer telephone calls where they have managed their own hernia to the point that they consider it benign or completely disappeared. 

However, these are a small minority and all followed a (self-imposed) structured dietary and exercise regime. Interestingly, in all cases, they woreour briefs at night in addition to daytime. 

They continuously put gentle pressure on the hernia and only removed the brief for washing and hygiene purposes. They also bought a higher-than-average number of briefs to facilitate this.

Why Your Hernia Will Not Heal On Its Own?

Your intestines are held in place by your abdominal muscles and fascia, which is a type of connective tissue. But sometimes, these supporting muscles, or fascia, become structurally weak. This can happen because of genetics, an accident, or too much use.

When there is a weak spot, your organs or fat can start to push through it, which is called a hernia. Your body can't fix the weak spot on its own, so you'll need to see a doctor to get rid of your hernia.

In fact, hernias that aren't handled often get worse instead of better. It's possible for some hernias to not show any signs, but they still need to be treated right away and probably won't get better on their own.

Is There Any Other Way To Treat Hernia Permanently Without Surgery?

Even though most hernias aren't life-threatening, they can still be painful. If you have a hernia, your doctor will look at how bad it is to figure out the best way to treat it.

Some people with small hernias don't need surgery right away. Doctors usually tell their patients to be careful while they wait and take some self-care steps to deal with any pain they may be feeling.

We might tell you to avoid heavy work, put less stress on your stomach and groin, or wear a supportive device like ahernia belt to make your daily life more comfortable. 

But keep in mind that care that doesn't involve surgery won't fix your hernia or stop it from getting worse or bigger over time.

Is Hernia Belt Can Help To Cure Hernia?

A hernia belt is a form of garment that gives support and compression to the hernia defect. The belt gently pushes the intestines or other tissue that is bulging through the weak spot back into the belly. This is how it works. 

Most of the pain from a hernia seems to come from the intestines bulging out, so this compression can help in many situations. The belt or truss will usually take away the pain and bulge as long as you wear it, but they will usually return soon after you take it off.

You should see your doctor right away if you think you have a hernia. Your doctor can do tests to find out what kind of hernia you have and suggest the best way to treat it.