Great News! Now Tynor Australia is a NDIS Registered Provider

Work from Home Kit

Tynor's Work from Home (WFH) Kit consists of anatomically curated products to relieve the stress & strain of the day where work never seems to end.

Tynor's special range of supports is scientifically designed to help you stay rested and recover from lower back problems, sciatica, coccyx pain, cervical pain, and other spinal issues.

The Kit comprises just the ideal products which can be used during long sittings, travel, office, or work from home. Using all three together during the course of the day/night is an ultimate strain reliever.


  • Long functional life
  • High resilience
  • Better cushioning and comfort
  • Provide firm support.


  • Premium aesthetics (Blends with the car and office inferiors)
  • Super soft and plush feel.
  • Adaptable to most seats.
  • Removable and washable


  • Perfect work companion
  • Portable and Durable
  • Anatomical design- maintains the natural curvature of the spine.
  • Smooth contoured sides to support the body.
  • General purpose everyday use

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