Walking Stick Quadripod (Quad Cane)


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Sizes Available: Universal

Tynor Walking Stick Quadripod is a walking aid to give extra stability during walk to very weak, old or physically challenged individuals. Made out of special grade of aluminum to ensure strength, durability and light weight. Broad base gives good stability. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing, comfort and correct posture.

  • Enhanced stability
  • Strong and Durable
  • Good handle grip
  • Ambidextrous design


  1. Ideal for: Impaired walking due to advanced Osteoarthritis of the knee or ankle, injuries of spine, Ataxia, Parkinsons and other walking disorders, post-surgery rehabilitation, Osteoporosis, obesity and other health issues
  2. Ergonomically shaped gel padded handle is wide bodied for a comfortable fit with palm of both hands. It is also non-allergenic and odorless. Good for hands with low padding on palms or constant pain due to arthritis or other musculoskeletal issues
  3. Offers excellent stability combined with the convenience of being a self-standing unit
  4. Light frame with a small base - move around freely across the day both indoors and outdoors including stairs
  5. Adjustable to match posture and height (handle height between 74 cm to 98 cm)
  6. Easy to maintain product



Soft top Handle: The handle is scientifically designed for comfortable use by both hands, with a wide top that ensures a strong grip with uniform load bearing across the palm and fingers. A Safety Lanyard is included. Soft gel on handle top being latex free, non-allergenic, odorless and durable makes for excellent shock absorption and ease of maintenance

Mild Steel & Aluminium Alloy Body: Pairing the strength of the steel with the lightness and resilience of aluminium, the main body is well strengthened yet very light. The base too is made by welding legs of this material to a plate - maintaining the focus on lightness. It is further anodized for safety against wear and tear

Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India

Welded Quadripod Base: Designed as a simple 4 arm base with a wide span parallel to the length of the foot, it offers good stability while maintaining lightness. Being a equal sided design, there is no need to make any changes whether you want to use it on left or right-side of your body

Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India

Height Adjustable: Top handle height ranges between 74 cm to 98 cm (check this is the distance of your wrist from the ground when standing straight. For the perfect match, you can add 2-3 cms for forward movement). The height can be adjusted by moving the spring-loaded pin in gradations of 2 cms

Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India

Non-slip ferrules: Made of high quality TPE, the base is designed for creating a slight suction with concentric grooves holes on the base. This is even if the floor is slightly wet or has a naturally low grip quality such as highly polished marble or granite. Can be easily replaced by pulling it off once worn or damaged

Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India


  • First identify the height you would want to adjust it to
    • Stand straight and let your arms hang by your side comfortably
    • Measure the distance from the ground to your inner wrist
    • This is your ideal quadripod height
    • You can always visit your Physician or Therapist to get a more ideal measure and recommendation in case of advanced health issues especially back pain or abnormal posture
  • To choose right vs. left handed use, always opt for the side opposite to the affected limb. If you have pain in your left leg, align the quadripod for using it with the right hand
Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India

  • Holding the stick in your lap or on a table, loosen the metal tension screw at the bottom
  • Press the small metal spring-loaded pin on the side of the stick and press it inwards
  • Push or pull the base to adjust the height of the stick as necessary.
  • Once adjusted, simply align the pin with the groove you want it at
  • Tighten the tension screw at the bottom again
  • The ferrules can be changed or pulled out for cleaning easily. Please ensure they are well settled on the base before using the quadripod daily

Walking Quadripod Soft Top Handle (TYWA04) by Tynor India


  • Please do not use the stick to lift, hold or bar weights such as luggage or as tool for defence
  • The coating is prone to scratches. Please do not throw the quadripod around or misuse it for any other purpose
    • If you notice damage to the body of the stick, please replace it



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