Thumb Spica Splint


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Sizes Available: Universal

Thumb Spica Splint is a convenient device designed to immobilize the thumb in the abduction (functionally neutral) position. Support the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement.

  • Smart and sleek
  • Breathable matrix
  • Removable malleable splint
  • Allows free movement of the hand
  • Made from breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric which is durable, is very comfortable and has excellent aesthetics.
  • It has removable malleable splint which provides customized abduction of the thumb, ensure excellent Immobilization and stability to CMC & MCP joints
  • The ergonomic design allows full hand and finger movement. It is sleek, trendy and comfortable.
  • Helps to provide comfortable support and immobilization to the injured UCL
  • Includes 3 different interchangeable stays including flexible, rigid, and malleable for user customization
  • Allows for full hand function without restriction of the fingers
  • Indicated for many conditions such as thumb arthritis, tendonitis, gamekeeper's thumb, skier's thumb, deQuervain's syndrome, hitchhiker's thumb, blackberry thumb, UCL tear, basal joint arthritis, stener lesion of the thumb, trigger thumb, or any other general pain in the thumb or metacarpophalangeal joint
  • Wrap-around style that is easy to apply and adjust as needed
  • Features Velcro straps that allow one to customize the amount of compression that is applied
  • Made of a perforated neoprene that is comfortable against the skin
  • Latex-free
  • Color: Gray
  • Available in one universal size that fits either the left or right hand
  • Washing instructions: Remove metal stay and hand wash with warm water using a mild detergent or soap. Blot excess water with a towel and air dry. Do not wring out the brace.

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