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Tynor Australia NDIS Registered Provider

✅ Assistive Equipment for Recreation
✅ Personal Mobility Equipment
✅ Assistive Products For Personal Care & Safety

Tynor Australia is a NDIS Registered Provider

Taylor’s Brace Urbane- Short Type


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Size Guide
A13& A34
Size Guide
A13& A34

Taylor Brace Urbane (Short type) is a light weight spinalbrace providing fullsupportand comprehensive coverage to thoracic lumbar-sacralspinalsections. Thebrace immobilizesthe spine in a neutralposition, still permitting the requisite body movement for normal activity while keeping theweak spine structure protectedand incorrect posture.


Made out of malleable, lightweight,durable aluminum frame which hastwo rigid uprightpara-spinal bars, pre-contoured tokeep the spine in its natural position. Thesemicircular splint atthe base envelopes the hip joint alongwith

the sacrumforrigid immobilization of the entire vertebral column. It can be anatomicallyshaped for the perfectfilling and rigid immobilization. Removable thoracic horizontalsplint prevents rotationof the upper torso,provides additional immobilization and stability. All the splintsprovided arelongenoughtocover theanatomical regions at scapula,pelvis, and sacrum which arenecessaryfor aneffective immobilization.

Theproduct is linedwith PU foam padding ensuring excellentcomfort. Theshoulder pads arewell cushioned with PU foam to prevent anyaxilla pressure, providing good holding and shoulder posture correction. The looped front panel atthe abdomen provides customizedtightening with a hookloop mechanism to achieve the desired fitting as per user needs.Snap-swivel buckle provides ease ofwearing and removal of theproduct withminimal movement.


• Thoraco-lumbar injuries

• intervertebral disc problems

• Weakened Dorso-lumbar spine due to tuberculosis


Early Careof Tuberculosis ofspine

• Post-surgical care of the thoracic spine

Osteoporotic bone collapsein the thoracic andlumbar spine

JuvenileScheurmann's disease


• Vertebralfracture of the thoracic area

• Dorso- lumbarimmobilizations


• Moldable in cold makesitpossible to customize the splints for perfect contact, a high degree of immobilization and comfort

No obstructionof the thoracic or abdominalbreathing

No restriction of the shoulder or thearm movement

Bridging of the lumbar lordosis

Relieves pressure onthe affectedspinal segments

Light inweight

• Extremely comfortable

Easyapplication and removal


Bothvertical and horizontal splints be removed,customized, and reinsertedby a professional.

• Anatomical shape ofthe bare body shouldbe usedfor splint shaping

The splintsshould be placed at a correct anatomical position foreffectiveproduct use

Splint  Placement

• Vertical splints should start fromangle of scapula and end at S2vertebrae [below beltlevel]

Horizontal pelvic splint- should beplaced atthe level of AS ISfor proper pelvic hold


Use this product under the strict guidance of a qualifieddoctor.

• Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, incase of


Impairedblood flow

• Allergy rashor itching

Painincreases or persists

• Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use of anothermedicaldevice.

• Misuse or improper use of the devicecan lead toadverse effectsand decreased effectiveness.

Follow instructions mentioned on the

Size Chart

Tynor Taylor's Brace Long type for Spine Immobilization

Product Manual

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