Shoulder Support (Neoprene)

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Sizes Available: Universal Size

Shoulder Support is designed to provide protection and support to the injured or ailing shoulder joint, It keeps the shoulder joint warm and flexible, and aids in quick healing.

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Smart and sleek
  • High-quality neoprene fabric
  • Controlled compression.
  • It is made from Neoprene bonded nylon fabric, which is four-way stretchable. It provides optimal compression, more comfort, good grip and better durability.
  • Anatomical shape ensures good grip around the shoulder, perfect fitting, and optimal immobilization. 3” wide stretchable shoulder band ensures a strong grip on the shoulder.
  • It has appealing aesthetics with good color fastness. It retains body heat for pain relief and quicker healing. Top layer with unbroken loops offers a versatile closing system for a firm grip. One size fits all design is easy to wear. Can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.
  1. Ideal for: Rotator Cuff Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons that move the shoulder joint) due to bad posture while sitting or sleeping, poor form while exercising or repetitive strain | Bursitis (inflammation of fluid sacs at shoulder joint) due to a fall, injury or Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis etc | Frozen Shoulder (stiffness and immobility of shoulder) due to overuse, injury or chronic conditions such as Diabetes or Stroke.
  2. Provides support and healing warmth to the shoulder and upper arm
  3. Easy to wear by yourself with wrap around design featured on all elements
  4. Self-adjustable levels of compression and mobility
  5. Comfortable to wear under clothes through the day


Wrap Around Design: Makes it so much easier for everyone to adjust compression and stability levels as per current activity apart from wearing it
Fits both shoulders: Designed in such a way that you just need to flip the product around to wear it on either arm

Breathable Neoprene forms the base of the support and makes it usable all day long.


  • Please ensure you order the right Support as per the Size Chart below
  • Open all the straps and lay the support in front of you with the Tynor logo facing upwards
  • First, slip on the sleeve onto the injured shoulder and settle it
  • Adjust the hook and loop closure around the biceps
  • Roll the two elastic straps around the front and back of the shoulder - seek assistance if you find this difficult due to the injury
  • Fasten the two straps together under the armpit of the healthy shoulder to desired compression and restrained mobility
  • Readjust the fastener on the injured shoulder once again

Shoulder Support (4 Way Elastic) (OPP0ME48) by Oppo Medical


  • Please do not wear this support continuously except unless recommended by your Physician
  • Don't bathe with the support - it will reduce the elasticity and compression quality of the support
  • Be careful while fastening the straps, don’t leave the hook section exposed to avoid any rashes over the day
  • Never share your support - can lead to a transfer of infection or allergy


P.S.: Kindly consult your Physician or Orthopedic Specialist before using this product

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