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Tynor Australia NDIS Registered Provider

✅ Assistive Equipment for Recreation
✅ Personal Mobility Equipment
✅ Assistive Products For Personal Care & Safety

Tynor Australia is a NDIS Registered Provider


Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy)


Title: CHILD

Code: C 06
Sizes Available: Child

The arm sling for kids (Baggy) has an ergonomic design that provides excellent support and helps to reduce fatigue, speed up the recovery from a shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff surgery, forearm fractures, broken elbow, and wrist sprain, etc.

Pouch Arm Sling Child (Baggy) hold, support & immobilize the sprained, broken, or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. The arm sling is designed to cover the cast and give extra protection to the injured arm. 

The thumb cradle maintains the thumb in abduction, helps in relieving the fatigue to the thumb muscles.

  • Three-layer fabric (comfort, resistance, and quality)
  • Elegant appearance
  • Adjustable belt with quick application buckle
  • Thumb support
  • Ideal for Immobilization in case of
  • Fractures of humerus, radius, ulna, clavicles, scapula
  • Post-surgical or post cast care of the arm
  • Sprained or a dislocated shoulder
  • Upper arm fracture, shoulder dislocation, Brachial Nerve (network of nerves connecting the spine to shoulder, arm, and hand) Injury
  • Any other condition requiring support or immobilization of the arm
  • Supports the arm by carrying the weight across the back and shoulder
  • Comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Can be worn and removed by self or with minimum assistance
  • Comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Fits both left and right arm
  • Standard design, which supports and covers the arm completely and can even accommodate bulky casts or bandages.
  • Made of 3 layered P.U. the bonded fabric which is durable and non-tear able has plush looks, is wrinkle-free, and is soft to feel.
  • The adjustable sling allows customization of the angle of flexion and offers flexibility in sizing. Slide buckle with single touch opening and closing, very easy application and removal.
  • Ethafoam shoulder pad and thumb cradle, improve patient comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Composition: Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene Ethafoam, Polyurethane
  • Pouch Arm Sling For Child is made out of three-layered PU bonded fabric, each layer imparting to the fabric its unique properties.
  • The outer layerwith raising provides soft feel and plush looks
  • The MiddlePUF layer imparts cushioning and wrinkle-free properties.
  • The innerlayer gives the required strength and non-tear ability
  • The adjustable cotton sling allows proper fitting and positioning of the arm One-touch opening and closing of the buckle allows easy application and removal of the pouch. Ethafoam shoulder pad takes the entire load of the arm and promotes patient comfort. 
  • Width is 26cms (Elbow to hand)  and Depth is 16 cms 
Caution/ Recommendations
  • Use the arm sling for kids under the guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of
    • Impaired sensation 
    • Impaired blood flow 
    • Allergy rash or itching 
    • Pain Increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with any other medical device.
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the box carefully.
  • Keep out of reach of children

Sizing & Fit

Child Arm SLing Size Chart

Product Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kristina M (Bendigo, AU)

The only arm sling we could find for our 5 year old. Even the doctors at the fracture clinic were impressed!

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for the feedback on your experience with our product. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better customer experience and products.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to reach back out as we would be more than happy to assist.

Tim Holland (Melbourne, AU)

Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy)

Sandy (Brisbane, AU)
Cute arm sling for ouchy arm

This arm sling is cute, perfect to cheer up little person with broken arm.

Hello Sandy,
Thank you so much for your review! We greatly appreciate the kind words and your support

Maarc (Melbourne, AU)

Good quality. Perfect fit for my 6yo.

Jessica Boys (Clifton Hill, AU)
Probably great product but not for us

Product seems great however it didn't work well with my 3 year olds break - the humours. Her arm constantly fell out of the sling and the strap constantly fell off. Would return it however given my daughter is 3, she spilt something on it in the short time she wore it.