Foot Drop Splint


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Code: D 25 Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL Anklet Comfeel is a next-generation product, to provide mild compression, warmth, and support to the ankle joint. It is used to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis or injury. Woven in 3 dimensions it conforms to the complex anatomy of the anklet with exactness. Closed heel Anatomic shape Four-way stretch Uniform compression A simple pull on application Fits either left or right ankle
Features & Fit
Lightweight enhances compliance. Bilateral symmetry allows it to be used for either ankle. Neoprene sleeves provide good cushioning and reduce the pressure of gripping straps. Molded splint with perfect anatomy provide effective immobilization and has pleasing aesthetics. Sleek design allows it to be used inside the shoe. Unconventional, swollen or distorted ankles can be accommodated in the large enough room for ankle so that there are no compression hot spots on the ankle. It enhances comfort to an injured ankle, reduces chances of sports-related injuries in recurrent ankle problems and quicker healing after injuries. The unique figure of eight strapping has an effective gripping around the ankle and can effectively control inversion & eversion movement of the ankle. Molded Ethafoam Foam Pad provides optimal compression and pressure. Good cushioning enhances patient comfort.
Care & Benefits
Support and compression following a sprain or strain. Ankle injury rehabilitation Help prevent the build-up of lactic acid during and post activity. Provides firm support and gentle compression over the ankle. Helps to maintain the joint structure. Usable for daily wear even with shoes. Relieves pain whilst maintaining flexibility.
Care & Maintenance
Dry Clean only.
Shipping Information
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