Forearm Splint (Universal Size)


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Sizes Available: UNIVERSAL

Forearm Splint is a long brace designed to provide splinting support to radius and ulna and immobilize, firmly the forearm in various orthopedic conditions. It maintains the wrist in the functional position.

  • Amphi-dextrous
  • Customizable splints
  • Perfect immobilization
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Removable, Aluminum dorsal and volar splints are anatomically shaped which ensure rigid immobilization. They can be customized to provide the required degree of wrist dorsiflexion, enhance fitting and comfort.
  • Ergonomic and two part design make it ambidextrous. One size fits all circumferences. Easy to apply and remove. Bilateral symmetry allows it to be used for either hand. Elegant tabs enhance aesthetics. Light weight enhances compliance. Reverse buckle mechanism ensures controlled tightening and better immobilization. 
  • Long length of the brace, ensures enhanced immobilization. Made of PU lined matte fabric which enhances durability and aesthetics of the product. It provide snug fitting, high cushioning and comfort.

Made from strong three layered bonded fabric with the middle layer made of open celled foam to ensure good cushioning. RigId support is provided on both dorsal and ventral side of the forearm by pre contoured, malleable alumInum stays, which can be molded for a customized fit .velcro closures provide snug fitting,
easy application and removal of the splint.
Forearm Splint is designed to maintain wrist in slight dorsiflexion while allowing full range of motIon to fingers and thumb. The splint can be removed to permit, therapy sessions, washing and hygiene. Designed to fit right as well as left hand.
Ideal For:
• Sequel to a fracture. Post cast management
• Post surgical protection and rehabilitation
• After extensor tendon repalrof the wrist
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Sprains and strains
• All conditions requiring orthopedicsupport to forearm
•Remove aluminum splints, customize and reinsert before wearing.

• Use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor.
• Adjust padding and strapping for secure and comfortable fitting.
• Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of
     • Impaired sensation
     • Impaired blood flow
     • Allergy rash or itching
     • If pain increases or persists
• Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with another medical device.
• Misuse, or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
• Follow instructions mentioned on the box carefully.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Type: Forearm

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