ROM Elbow Brace


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ROM Elbow Brace controls and restricts degree of flexion and extension of the elbow joint through sophisticated dial system to allow a range of motion or immobilization of the elbow. Universal design allows it to be used on most of the patients and for multiple orthopedic problems.

  • Light in weight
  • Single action locking
  • 3D Cushion Pads
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Universal size
  • Ideal for: controlling range of motion including immobilization and stabilization of the elbow joint in cases of elbow and upper limb fractures, stiff elbow in seniors, ligamentous injuries, mild to severe soft tissue injuries and sports-induced injuries.

  • Lightweight materials, 3D Cushion Pads, Adjustable for ideal fitting

  • Designed for comfortable use over long hours, relatively easy to wear with minimum assistance - contoured 3D cushion pads and padded shoulder strap

  • Adjustable strap lengths and angle (flexion, extension) controllers which can be set as per need of injury or health condition

  • Suitable for treating elbow luxation (dislocation of elbow joint), lateral condyle fractures and advanced cases of tennis elbow where movement has to be controlled

  • Helps in correction of deformity after elbow hyperextension injury (elbow joint is bent beyond the normal range of motion). Assists in postoperative immobilization of the elbow joint

  • Helps in collateral ligament reconstruction by limiting the range of motion of the elbow and upper limb

  • Universal size fits most. Please refer to Size Chart above while placing the order

Size Chart


Strong, lightweight aluminium frame: The ROM elbow brace is made of lightweight aluminum frame with high tensile strength

3D molded cushion pads: Semi-flexible cuffs of the brace, made of high-quality polymer, are padded with 3D molded cushion pads for better comfort of the upper arm and forearm

ROM hinge: The Range of Motion (ROM) hinge is a sophisticated Multi Point Graduated Mechanism (MPGM) which can be adjusted to fix the elbow at any angle of flexion, or provide

Adjustable Length: Length of the device can be independently adjusted, both on the bicep and forearm side, as per the patient’s need

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Type: Elbow

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